We strive to serve a varied and nutritious meal every day, this plays a critical role in supporting the wellness, health, and development of children. At lunch time the lunch tray consists of the main entree, a vegetable and a fruit. Milk is offered with ever meal. Then to top off the delicious lunch a small treat is offered at the end of the meal.  If your child does not like the main entree offered that day, they have the option to have a cheese sandwich instead (occasionally the option changes to peanut butter and jelly).



We are NOT a peanut free school, though we do take measures to ensure that our kids that suffer from allergies are minimally exposed to allergens. A meeting is held with our cook, the director and the parents per-enrollment to find out how to best accommodate your child.

Measures we take to keep allergy children safe include:

  • In the lunch room room there is a separate peanut free table and chairs.
  • Different colored lunch trays with the child’s name on it. This way they always have the same tray and teachers are more conscious of who the children that suffer from allergies are and can take special precautions, especially when servicing treats that may contain allergens.
  • We do always keep peanut free substitute items to be replaced for treats that may contain nuts or produced in a facility that also produces items with nuts if you chose for your child to not have those items with possible allergens.
  • We also ask that children that have allergies bring in the “Lunch Allergy Form”. This way we know exactly what items they can or cannot have.
  • A bright colored sheet with the names of the children that suffer from allergies and their allergens on the lunch tray at all times for reference.

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