Summer Camp

Our summer camp has many fun activities!

It is still an educational, structured environment guided with a schedule, but there are more fun activities we can’t always do in the school year.


The schedule of Summer Camp is similar to our school year consisting of:

  • Morning snack
  • Afternoon snack, (*full day students)
  • Lunch (*full day students)
  • Chapel time
  • Circle time
  • Calendar time
  • Academic activities
  • Physical education
  • During summer, all students get to attend soccer shots once a week!  



We have themes on a weekly basis.

Sometimes, we even have special guests for our themes!line-dancing2

In the past we’ve had a line dancing day with the Texas Roadhouse Armadillo during Western Week.  How much fun is this?!



A clown came in for Circus Week! We had a great summer time party!


Every week, we have an Ice cream Day and a Water Play Day to celebrate summer time!



Here are some of the special parts to Summer Camp: 

  • Ice cream Day
  • Water Day
  • Expanded Play Activities (Ex: Tent during Camping Week)
  • Special Guests
  • Movie Days
  • Games
  • Soccer Shots